Matthew McConaughey gives the Green Light to Hot Ones Interview

Matthew McConaughey
Photo credit Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for HISTORY

Alright Alright Alright! I'm really excited about this one! The guests are always amazing on the show (except for DJ Khalid) but It's not often we get a popculture icon on Hot Ones. After watching this episode it makes me want to be McConaughey's friend even more than i already did. I'll bet that guy has some STORIES! 

Matthew used to be a very private person as far as internet presents is concerned. Heck, he's only had Instagram for a year now and we've loved every second of it! 

Thanks to Sean Evans, host of Hot Ones, we now know how Matthew gets himself in the creative zone and what it took to create his new book, "Green Lights", we got some behind the scenes info of his and Wood Harrelson's friendship and.. wait, he lost a lawsuite because of his highschool year book?!?! WHAT?! Check out the full episode of Hot Ones below! 




Lastly, yes i was throwing shade at DJ Khalid. His episode of Hot Ones is by far the worst one yet. Within 10 seconds of watching the video you'll understand. Witness it for yourself ----> HERE