In Case You Forgot, How To Shake Someone's Hand


If you've had a job interview, or business meeting you know that hand shaking is still very important. But since we're coming out of a pandemic where we haven't touched each other in a while, some may have forgot how to nail the perfect handshake. Zippia says shaking hands is "not going away anytime soon, and the quality of your professional handshake is often used in interviews as a way of judging an individual’s character."

So it’s definitely important to know how to shake a person’s hand correctly.  Here are the biggest things to keep in mind when shaking someone’s hand:

Wipe/dry your hands first - No one wants to grab a clammy hand. Even if you have to wipe your hands on your pants, it's better than grabbing a sweaty hannd.

Right Hand Only - Sorry Lefties.

Two or Three shakes - anything more is just weird.

Smile - Act like you want to be there.

Make it a fairly strong handshake -  Don't break their fingers, but don't give them a dead fish either.

Since we're still coming out if a pandemic, and some people still don't want to be touched, it might be a good idea to ask even before you raise your hand. "Are we shaking hands?" If they're willing to shake, get your professional relationship of to a good start with a great handshake.