Audacy Beach Festival: Bastille give a sneak preview at their upcoming concept album


Bastille are set to release their fourth studio album this coming February and two things are certain. It’ll be unlike any album you’ve heard from them before, while at the same time being very much a Bastille album.

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The guys from Bastille joined Audacy’s Nicole Alvarez live from Audacy Beach Festival as they gave a sneak peek at their upcoming album Give Me the Future, which is slated to come out on February 4, 2022.

“We’re very excited about this album,” front man Dan Smith said. “It’s very us, but it’s also kind of different. It’s a concept album, it’s about the future. We’re really interested in what it’s about and the themes of the songs. The sonics of it have been really fun to put together.”

While there’s a certain level of nerves that comes with an album release, Bastille is ready to share their work with the world. “We’re obviously s******g ourselves,” Smith said with a grin, “but there’s also a level of where we’ve sat with it for a minute, we’ve rehearsed it loads, we’re just excited to have it and to play it.”

He continued: “We’re already happy with it so there’s an element of like, ‘whatever happens with the album we’ve had a good time making it and we’re really confident in the music.’”

Their set at Audacy Beach Festival came at an opportune time as the band has had the opportunity to get a couple of performances in the United States under their belt. “It’s such a surprise how everyone’s reacted now that music’s back on the menu,” keyboardist Kyle Simmons says of the tour thus far, “it’s like everyone’s craving it. It’s crazy.”

Drummer Chris Wood used a pretty funny analogy to describe what it was like stepping back out on stage again. “In the back of my mind,” he says, “I’ve been playing drums for over 20 years now, and it was like, if you don’t use it do you lose it?”

“It’s so surreal because you step back out and have that moment of it being surreal and we’re back at this,” Smith added. “It’s almost like those two years never happened as your muscle memory kicks back in. It’s such a weird thing.”

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