Ellie Goulding on her connection to Big Sean and the 'surreal' resurgence of ‘Lights’ on TikTok

'It’s so surreal'

Singer-songwriter, Ellie Goulding, checked in with Audacy’s Bru to celebrate the old and new! While excited to share deets on her new single, “Easy Lover” feat. Big Sean, she also shared her delight in seeing her 2010 song, “Lights,” resurface with a TikTok trend.

LISTEN NOW: Ellie Goulding joins Bru for an Audacy Check In

After taking some time away from the spotlight to welcome her first child, Goulding is now ready to step back in and she’s doing so in a big way. The 35-year-old recently released her new single, “Easy Lover,” with longtime friend and fellow artist, Big Sean.

“We’ve been friends for a while and we’ve always been mutual fans of each other’s work,” Ellie said of why she chose to collaborate with Big Sean. “We were always going to do something since he [had] sampled me on one of his songs.”

She continued, “I reached out to him, sent him the song. Didn’t know if he’d like it, didn’t know if it’s be exactly his thing but it was. It’s kind of like an old school connection, but that’s how it happened.”

While the song is off to a very popular start, Goulding teased she doesn’t think it’ll really pop off until 2032 — a reference to her 2010 single, “Lights” resurfacing for a TikTok trend in 2022.

“It’s so surreal, that is the last thing I expected with that song,” Goulding said. “You assume that once a song has been out there, it’s done… but TikTok has created just like this whole new way of people just discovering music. And making their own content with it.”

She continued, “I think it’s really great! I think it can only be a really positive thing. I love the fact that this [is a] song that I released 10 years ago or something and now people are hearing it for the first time — that’s wild to me.  It makes me so happy… when I see those videos. When I can’t sleep or when I’m anxious, I watch these videos of everyone dancing to ‘Lights’ and it’s very sweet.”

Check out Ellie’s full interview with Bru above to find out more about the new song, how she spent quarantine and more with our Audacy check-in.

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