Glendale Strikes Again

Photo credit Rob SchumacherThe Republic via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Hola 12s!

Well, we knew we weren't going to have the "perfect season", but what a way to take the first loss! I don't know what it is about State Farm Stadium (Formerly U of Phoenix), but there's always something that goes down when we play there. The 6-6 tie, the abomination of Seahawks History known as Super Bowl 49, but there's always something noteworthy. Let's do a quick rundown of the 2 sides of the ball


The offense looked great in this game! I've said it over and over again, what we lack on the defense, we make up for on the offense. We're deep. We've got a full arsenal when it comes to options for Russ to use during the game either on the ground or in the air and that was proven this week. My fantasy team struggled this week because I played DK Metcalf, and he was basically given the day off for the full utilization of one Tyler Lockett. That's the beauty of this offense, if one player falls, 2 more take his place and its a beautiful thing to see. I will say this, that massive breakup by DK will live on in Seahawks history forever. What a run!


I'm not taking anything away from the defense, other than how short staffed they are. We've been missing some key players for a while now, and we tend to lose people out of our defense more than offense. That being said, considering the opponent, our defense performed about as well as they could, and it looked good. Seeing how they performed increases my confidence for when we get those key players back in uniform and onto the field. Hate giving up a 10 pt lead to lose in overtime, but we're going to get past this loss very very easily.

No if/ands/buts about it, our boys play some of the most entertaining, heart-stopping, edge-of-your-seat football that you will watch, and this weekend was no different. I believed that we had every ability to win this game, but expected to come out with a loss, and they met my expectations. Mark my words, our boys will come back stronger than ever, and give this league a standard of play that wont be matched. We've got a fuuuuuuun back 9 to play so sit back and enjoy. We're hosting the niners, who put it to the Patriots this weekend. Let's hope they spent their one shot of the season and put em in their place! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!