BJ and Migs Top Stories and Viral Videos 11/29/2022

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Guy Spent $3,200 at Best Buy, but Refused to Pay 11 Cents for a Bag

@mattplapp What are you doing to give your customers a less than stellar experience? Thank you @bestbuy #mattplapp #americasbestrestaurants #bestbuy #badcustomerservice ♬ original sound - Matt Plapp

Man Rings the Doorbell Because He Wants to Clean Up His Dog's Mess

Husband Makes "Executive Decision" to Buy 44 Pounds of Cheese

A Guy in a Knight's Helmet Getting Hit with a Frying Pan to "Back in Black"

@maverickmother We started a band 🤟 part 2 #band #acdc #backinblack #music #Maverickmother #motherdaughter #momdaughter fake pan, only trained professionals can participate. @Maverickmother (Emily) ♬ оригинальный звук - Руслан Ахметгареев

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