OPINION: Hawk Thoughts: The Agony of Seahawks Fandom

Mike Hawk's Fired Up
Photo credit Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Ayo 12s!
Qualifier: Don't let the headline nor the contents of this blog fool you, I was freaking stoked about that game against the niners! Holy smokes! But that's exactly the reason why being a Hawks fan this year is so difficult.

If you're a constant reader of this Pulitzer Prize-worthy blog, you'll recall over the last 5 games, I complained that our losses felt like they just never let the reigns go. They looked stalled, apprehensive and conservative. I said they had all the tools to make greatness happen, but they just weren't setting it free. Games like this week are why I feel exactly that. Russell looked smooth again, the offensive line held like the champs they are. The young skill players that we've been waiting so long to see finally hit the field. The defense held strong and was breaking things up like we knew they could. This was the EXACT game that I KNEW they could play!

So here we go. Still skeptical about the outcome of this season, but a glint of optimism is now on the shelf. Was this the turnaround we've been holding out for? Or is this just a case of "We'll be damned if we let the NINERS come into our house and beat us, even on an off year" (which is also acceptable)? If they continue to have this chemistry, our boys could make a hell of a run. Pete, John, Russ, Shane, Ken, just DO THAT AGAIN NEXT WEEK AND FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON! Buckle up 12s! We're going into Houston next week and I want sommore of it! God, I love this team. With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!

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