The Top 25 Musicians Who Went Solo

How many Eagles made the list?
Solo Artist

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On December 4th and 5th, we'll bring you The Top 25 Musicians Who Went Solo, so tune in at noon both days to hear this full list:

25. Peter Gabriel

24. George Harrison
23. Jon Bon Jovi
22. Sting
21. Pete Townshend
20. Don Henley
19. Steve Perry

18. Lita Ford
17. Phil Collins
16. Neil Young
15. David Lee Roth

14. Joe Walsh
13. Gregg Allman
12. Ronnie James Dio
11. Robert Plant
10. Chris Cornell

9. Joan Jett
8. Paul McCartney
7. Stevie Nicks
6. Rod Stewart
5. Sammy Hagar

4. Billy Idol
3. John Lennon
2. Eric Clapton
1. Ozzy Osbourne

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