OPINION: Hawk Thoughts: The Seahawks' Answer

Mike Hawk's Fired Up
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Ayo 12s.
This week's loss to the Saints was disheartening on a few different levels. On the 1 hand, they looked like they were finally getting their pace with Geno in the 1st quarter, with a surprisingly beastly touchdown reception by DK Metcalf. But all those hopes were quickly dashed with the Hawk's inability to capitalize on good situations, and stay clear of the bad ones. A repeat of the last couple weeks, where my mantra hasn't changed "small mistakes making big impacts" led to another disappointing showing at home in primetime.

But this harkens back to a "what if" scenario we talked about before the season, and also as soon as this debacle began, "What do the Seahawks do if Russ goes down". And we deduced that there were a handful of answers, A: Sign a quality backup that'll do a good patch job until Russ gets back or B: Put your faith in Geno, if he's good, we're good, if he's not, the season is a wash. I believed the latter would be the Hawk's decision, and they proved me right. They put their eggs in the Geno basket, and while he is a perfect backup for Russ, being that he can keep a drive alive after Russ takes a bad hit that puts him out for a few plays, but he's no starter. The Seahawks' response to Russell going down shows that they've counted this season as a wash already in my opinion.

Despite the dark take, my philosophy on this team remains, we have all we need to be the team that we've enjoyed for so long, but it does beg the question, are we due for an upgrade? Admitting I'm an armchair quarterback, I can't know, but this team has lost their heart, that much can be seen on the field. Have the players on the field lost faith in the coaches on the sideline and in the booth? Vis Versa? Whatever the case, things are not lining up between the two parties. This next week will be a true test, we're hosting the Jags, arguably one of the worst teams in the league, if we take a 4th straight L this weekend, I don't know what can be salvaged of this season. We shall see. With that...Mike Hawk is out.

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