Sound House 2019: JAUZ on How the Internet Forced the Baby Shark Remix

Sound House

But as the dance music artist and producer told CO1 during his Sound House interview, internet peer pressure is real. 

"The internet got involved and said you have to do it, you have to do it," JAUZ said. "Ok, cool...20,000 retweets...and I'll do it. And it happened in, like, two hours."

JAUZ said it wasn't as easy as you'd think, crafting a version of the song that was uniquely a JAUZ track while still retaining enough of the original that a 4-year-old would love it too.

Of course, while the California-based artist is ultimately pleased with the final result, he isn't all about "Baby Shark." JAUZ and CO1 talk about the track "Goodies," the re-emergence of house music and his love for playing Life is Beautiful.

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