Horoscopes for Thursday, Oct. 21st, 2021 || The Chet Buchanan Show

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Virgo: Your emotions are dynamic and extreme today. They're apt to control every action you take whether you realize it or not. YOUR DAY = 7

Pisces: You may have so much fun today that you forget to check on daily duties. You should feel quite a surge of strength because of the energy of today. YOUR DAY = 10

Leo: Don't blow things out of proportion today. You're apt to have a tendency to exaggerate everything to such a degree that you completely lose touch with the true reality of the situation. YOUR DAY = 6

​Aquarius: You could feel a great deal of pressure from the people around you to join in their festivities. Don't feel like you have to be a part of the party if you don't want to be. YOUR DAY = 7

Cancer: Don't hesitate to dive into whatever project or situation suits your fancy today. Your luck will make you victorious in whatever game you choose. YOUR DAY = 8

Capricorn: Once you take the first step today, the rest of the way will be a piece of cake. Before you know it, you'll have completed the entire marathon with very little sweat on your brow. YOUR DAY = 9

Gemini: You're competing with someone today as you fight for dominance in a situation. When all is said and done, you and this foe will reach common ground. YOUR DAY = 8

Sagittarius: Consider cooking dinner for a large group tonight. Ask everyone to pitch in a dish and you'll be surprised at the fantastic masterpiece you all have created. YOUR DAY = 10

​Taurus: There's a trajectory of truth to maintain today. If you try to go against the flow, you'll have a difficult time achieving your goals. YOUR DAY = 7

Scorpio: In many respects, the energy of the day can't get much better for you. It's up to you to direct this energy into action that will nourish your soul. YOUR DAY = 9

Aries: You may not be terribly impressed with the activity going on around you, but that doesn't mean you have to be miserable because of it. This isn't the time to sit back and let others take the lead.​ YOUR DAY = 8

Libra: There's an inspirational quality about you today that you should make more public. Instead of shrinking into your imagination, you should expand your energy outward to the people around you. YOUR DAY = 10