Wash Your Winter Wear Before The Freezing Weekend Ahead To Help Avoid Viruses

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Photo credit Photo: Michlomop/Dreamstime.com

With major cold temps and freezing expected this weekend, researchers at the University of Virginia say viruses can survive for weeks, outside your body.

Taking into consideration that your coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and other winter-weather related clothing and accessories come in contact with hair, lips, and the environment, all may very well have germs.

A report from The Ladders, via Swirled, reveals flu germs can live in gloves for up to 3 days and stomach viruses (including rotavirus and norovirus) up to 4 weeks!

Bottom line, with the arctic blast expected to begin Saturday in North Texas, which should bring well-below freezing temps, washing your winter-related clothes and accessories asap and being prepared, is a good idea. 

Stay warm, and well!