Study Finds 88% Of Women Think Men Who Wear Face Masks Are Sexier

Couple, Kissing, Face Mask
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

Attention all men....Masks. Are. Sexy. 

A new study from the sexual wellness brand Royal revealed that 88% of adult women in the United States find men who wear face masks in public sexier than does who do not.  This reasoning even holds true for those women who are even in a relationship with someone who is a non-mask wearer.  

Neil Mehta, M.P.H., CEO and founder of Royal, said "Largely because of societal conditioning, some men view masks as a sign of weakness.  When you see how the majority of women perceive men in masks, however, it should be a game-changer for lots of guys, especially those who want to stay sexy in the eyes of their partner.

Even further, public health officials recommend face masks or coverings during the actual act of sex.  

Mehta added, "Health and hygiene are supremely important to women as it pertains to their romantic relationships.  Just one year ago, no one was thinking about having sex with masks on, and now, a shocking one in four women are either neutral about or likely to do it."

Via PR Newswire