Man Drops Engagement Ring Into The Ocean After Proposing To Girlfriend While Surfing

Jewelry, Ring, Ocean, Beach
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

Christopher Garth wanted to make his engagement to his girlfriend, Lauren Oiye, a momentous occasion.

So, the couple went out for a surf in their native Honolulu.  At the right moment, Garth dropped to one knee, while on his board, and popped the question.  Just as Oiye said “YES,” Garth dropped the ring into the sea.

Luckily, Garth planned ahead for such an occurrence.  The ring he accidentally dropped was a decoy.  The real ring was safely tucked away on the shore.

The couple met and fell in love through their mutual love of surfing.  Oiye wrote on Instagram, “We caught a wave together at the surf break we met at and had many of our first dates.  Christopher Garth, I love you and am so grateful the stars aligned and our ancestors that came before us so beautifully orchestrated this for us!”

Via NY Post