President Trump Bought The Clemson Tigers A Fast Food Feast

Photo credit (Photo by Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports)

When you win the NCAA National Championship in football, that comes with a visit to the White House and a meet and greet with the President himself...even if the government is currently shutdown.

On Monday, the Clemson Tigers spent the day in Washington, D.C. Not only did the see all the sites, but they were even treated to a very special White House dinner with Donald Trump. Now here's what makes this dinner in the State Dining Room so special, the guys were treated to a buffet of fast food because most of the White House staff is currently on furlough.

Of course Trump did it big, presumably by bringing all his favorite foods to the table, everything from burgers and fries from McDonald's to Wendy's and even Burger King. Pizza even made the cut.

Fast food has never looked so fancy!