Dallas Mavs, Dirk & Luka, Took The Whisper Challenge

Photo credit (Photo by Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

It couldn't be more obvious, Dirk and Luka are BFFs!

It's official, your Dallas Mavericks are home to the new dream team! And it's not just on the court. Their friendship is quickly becoming viral! The two just ooze "bromance" when they're together. And we can't get enough of it!

Dirk and Luka recently sat down together to take the Whisper Challenge. If that sounds familiar, it's actually a bit Jimmy Fallon does on The Tonight Show. Here's how it works, one person wear headphones while the other whispers different phrases. The person wearing headphones then tries to guess what the other is saying. Needless to say, but hilarity ensues!

LOL! I'm a little teapot!