Police Shut Down Massive 3,000 Person Game Of Hide-And-Seek At IKEA

IKEA, Facade, Store, Entrance, Parking Lot

With its multiple floors, massive square footage, and intricate nooks and crannies amongst its display furniture, IKEA really is the ideal place for an epic game of hide-and-seek.

This is exactly why teenagers in Glasgow, Scotland were thinking as well.

Police were called after they were notified some 3,000 people were organizing a group on Facebook to partake in an epic game of hide-and-seek at their local IKEA.  Five police officers reportedly remained at the location all day Saturday stopping anyone who looked like they were there for a game of hide-and-seek, according to a customer who visited the store.

IKEA officially banned games of hide-and-seek in 2015 due to health and safety issues.  A spokesperson for the store says, “We need to make sure people are safe, and that’s hard if we don’t know where they are.”

Via Yahoo!