Kids restore a classic Mustang for their dad like the one he sold one to help raise them

Vintage, red car parked on the street
Vintage, red car parked on the street Photo credit Getty Images/JohnnyH5

Doug Kiehn used to love cruising around his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina in his 1965 Mustang convertible.

Unfortunately, life got in the way, and after falling into some hard times after getting married, he decided to sell his beloved car to take better care of his family.

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Now, Kiehn is retired, and his adult children Dave and Amie wanted to pay back their father for all he sacrificed for them growing up.

So, they bought a classic Mustang, and fixed it up for him.

The kids’ budget was $25,000, which priced them out of a 1965 convertible, but they found 1967 coupe in their range.

Dave told Fox News, “To be able to give something back to him that's just for him is really going to blow his mind.”

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