Marriott offering rooms by-the-day for workers wanting to get away from home

Hotel Room, Two Beds
Hotel Room, Two Beds Photo credit Getty Images

The pandemic has completely changed our ways of lives, notably how we all go about our day at work.

Many offices remain closed, which means a lot of folks are still working from home, which of course has its benefits, but sometimes you just want to get away.

Because all these offices are still closed, where exactly can you get away to? The answer is your local Marriott hotel.

The Marriott Day Pass will allow access to a room for a day, from 6am to 6pm, and will grant the renter use of all the hotel's business facilities, including printing, faxing and scanning.

Sociologist Tracy Brower says that while working from home "has its advantages," going into an office has its benefits, as well. She says, "Getting away from home provides for healthy separation between work and life, and it contributes to wellbeing because it gets us moving and infuses some much-needed variety and stimulation."

You can check out a list of all hotels around Dallas offering a Day Pass HERE!

Via Forbes