What does it mean that five planets aligned this morning?

Planets aligned
Planets aligned Photo credit Getty Images/dottedhippo

Earlier this morning, a phenomenon that happens only every 18 years occurred when all the planets aligned in the sky.

While it is common for three planets to align, seeing five is incredibly rare.  Beginning this morning, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn lined up in that order!

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So what does that mean that the planets aligned?

According to Bustle, there’s a “supposed spiritual significance” to the planets aligning:

Mercury represents communication (does your tone align with your intentions?)
Venus symbolizes love (if you feel like you're not receiving enough love, give more; and if you are receiving enough, give thanks)
Mars is viewed as the action planet (if there's something you've been wanting to do, now's the time! Just be mindful of your communication and your love)
Jupiter is the philosopher of the planets (appreciate the good in life, appreciate the bad, forgive, and let go of negativity)
Saturn is the symbol of karma (never forget that every action has a reaction; you get what you give)

So with five planets aligning, maybe it means we all need to step back and take inventory of the deeper meaning.

Are we communicating properly? With love? Are we taking appropriate action in life? Do we appreciate every lesson we learn? Do we project what we want to receive?

Another belief is that the planets aligning is connected to a huge shift in energy, taking us from “a place of war to a quieter place of peace and harmony.”

Boy we could all use a little more peace and harmony right about now.

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