'Snowplow parents' can do more harm than good overprotecting their kids

Mother wraps child in bubblewrap to protect him from the world
Photo credit Getty / D. Anschutz

Kansas City, MO -  It's the latest buzz phrase in parenting - 'snowplow parents' who go out of their way to make their kid's lives easy - too easy - and push all adversity and problems out of their way.

But how healthy is that for young children and teens?

These parents take 'helicopter parenting' to the next level, says Dr. Christina Low Kapalu, child psychologist at Children's Mercy Hospital.

"They think about their child's future and remove anything like pain or hardships that would get in their child's way of being successful," Low Kapalu said. 

While snowplow parents may desire what is best for their children, Low Kapalu said that in the long run, it's likely they're doing more harm than good.

"If you continue to do this until later childhood or into the teenage years, your child won't really learn how to problem solve, or how to cope," Low Kapalu added. 

She suggests parents take a few steps back and allow their kids to face adversity.

Taking time off of social media and letting a child live and learn may be hard, but your kids will thank you, and you'll thank yourself some day, says Low Kapalu.