A new horse ranch opens in KCK fulfilling a decade-old promise between friends

Two women on horseback on a train ride at the Watkins "C" Ranch in Kansas City, Kansas.
Photo credit Watkins "C" Ranch

Kansas City, KS - A promise kept, a dream fulfilled.   A northeast Kansas horse ranch has found new life in a new location in the KC Metro thanks to a promise made between two friends.

“We’re gonna either talk about it when we’re 80 that we failed, or that we’re glad we did it. Either way, I’d rather give it a shot," said Michael Green, about that promise he made with best friend Cody Heim.

Green and Heim promised each other, when they were kids, that they would grow up and run the Watkins "C" Ranch.  The ranch has been in Green's family for a couple of generations. Green grew up working on the ranch along the Atchison/Leavenworth County line. 

But life has a way of sending people in different directions, and ideas and dreams get put on hold. 

“Life’s kinda hit me at every direction and I kinda just found myself back here," said Green.

And sometimes, life throws a pandemic at you... and things begin to work out.

“We’ve got the time, we’ve got the knowledge, we’ve got all of these years of what we’ve been through," said Green. "It’s time to start now.” 

The two friends resurrected their decade-old dream, found some property for sale north of the Kansas Speedway, and in August reopened the Watkins "C" Ranch in the new location.

“We are living literally our dream right now, and it’s been a lot of work but it’s been so much fun.” 

The ranch at 3605 N 59th St, KCK is now open for trail rides (pictured above), riding lessons and dinner date trail rides.

For an in-depth look at the Watkins "C" Ranch, it's history, and how it's been brought back to life, check out this fantastic piece written by Peggy Bair for HeartKC.