KC ordinance looks to confiscate guns in domestic violence cases

stock photo of a mans fist, a woman cowers
Photo credit Getty / lolostock

Kansas City, MO - A domestic violence gun ordinance passed through committee and is headed to the full Kansas City city council.

The quick action on the ordinance is good news for several domestic violence shelters, said Annie Struby, with the Rose Brooks Center.

"There have been pregnant women threatened with firearms, a woman shot out in her car and a partner who was hiding at the home of a woman who was a victim," Struby said.

Under the ordinance, police would be allowed to take guns away from a people facing domestic abuse charges and people who are subject to restraining orders.

Opponents worry about false reports or the ordinance being misused in other ways. They wonder when a person could get their firearms back.

"I don't know the answer to that," Katheryn Shields, councilmember. "We'd probably have to figure it out from a lot of partners."