Port KC advances $225 million riverfront, streetcar, housing projects in Kansas City

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Photo credit Port KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some changes are coming to Kansas City's Historic Riverfront. 

Port KC has updated plans for a number of development projects near the River Market and Berkley Riverfront Park worth more than $225 million, including an option for affordable housing in the district.

Mariah Shields, with Port KC, says the rent on those affordable units would be under $1000. 

"For this particular project, we are trying to get housing for the workforce who live outside Kansas City, but want to be close to their jobs can afford," Shields said. "That is about $695 to about $895 per month for rent."

Also coming to the riverfront in the not-so-distant future . . . KC Streetcar stops, with a plan for completion by 2022. 

"We want to get the streetcar down to riverfront as soon as we possibly can," Sheilds expressed. "It's being funded through some of these investment projects, and also city investment as well as Port KC investment."

Shields said that the cost of the KC Streetcar expansion has dropped after revisions to the plan and is nearly fully funded, with a price tag of about $22 million, with the option to add further stops in the future.