Prairie Village mother and son to attend State of the Union speech

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Photo credit KMBC Channel 9 News

A Prairie Village mother and her son are joining Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids as her guests for The State of The Union address Tuesday night in Washington.

Laura Robeson became a healthcare advocate in 2017 after the Affordable Care Act and the protections of preexisting conditions came under fire. Her son, Danny, was born prematurely and has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and cortical vision impairment.

"My involvement started because I was just a mom worried about her son," Robeson said.

Roberson and Danny campaigned in favor of Davids' campaign.

"His life, his future, his everything depends on access to quality, affordable health care," Robeson said.

Hosting Robeson is an opportunity to highlight the dangers of allowing insurance companies to discriminate against people based on their medical histories, Davids said.