Many plan to increase their holiday tipping this year: Survey

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Kansas City, MO – Tis the season for giving and plenty of Americans say they'll be increasing the amount of holiday tips they give to their mail carriers, trash collectors, their child’s teachers, and more.

Of those who are giving holiday tips this year, 45% say they will increase their usual tip amount for service providers, with restaurant waitstaff being the most likely to get bigger tips, according to a survey by, a for-profit credit card comparison service.

“You know the big driver during these times is sympathy,” said Jonathan Beck, a professor at the University of Kansas. “During these tough times, people are likely to tip, and in some cases more than you think."

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“Holiday tipping is a really nice way to reward the hardworking people who make our lives easier throughout the year,” says Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst for

According to, these are some of the average amounts people will give as a holiday tip:

Mail carrier - $20
Trash/Recycling Collector - $20
Teacher - $25
Landscaper - $30
Childcare provider - $50
Housekeeper - $50