Kansas City gets "socially conscious" dining app – take a food pic, donate a meal

a person takes a photo with their phone of the food on a table
Photo credit Fascinadora / Getty Images

Kansas City, MO – The idea came to Andrew Glantz over lunch - developing an app that combines our love of snapping photos of our food at restaurants with the ability to make a meal donation to someone in need.

"Users download our app for free," Glantz said. "Simply select the restaurant and take a photo of their order, and then we make a donation to help provide a meal to someone in need through one of the local food banks".

According to the company, GiftAMeal has provided more than 596,000 meals from app users eating at a wide variety of restaurants in St. Louis, and a few eateries in Chicago and Detroit.

Now, the GiftAMeal app is expanding to the Kansas City Metro beginning with the Lion's Choice fast food restaurant. The company is actively looking for more restaurants to participate. Donations go to the Harvesters Community Food Network.

Glantz says he formed GiftAMeal while he was a student at Washington University in St. Louis. After graduation in 2017, he went full time as founder and CEO.

Glantz says his app creates a win-win-win situation. Users can feel good, knowing they're helping provide food to people who need it. Restaurants get publicity through social media posts, and food banks receive much-needed monetary donations.

"We've seen that customers using GiftAMeal, on average, are spending more per check, returning more frequently and even tipping more than typical customers," Glantz said.

The app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.