Southwest Kansas wheat fields suffer from drought

Southwest Kansas wheat suffering due to drought
Photo credit Getty Images

Kansas City, MO – Southwest Kansas has missed out on much of the rainfall this Spring and are is still suffering drought conditions.

Parts of southwest Kansas has gone nearly 300 days without an inch of precipitation, according to a release from Kansas Wheat, a cooperative organization consisting of the Kansas Wheat Commission and the Kansas Association of Wheat Growers.

Annual average rainfall is about 12-inches in southwest Kansas, and much of the area has seen about 1/3 of that over the past year, and less than an inch since wheat was planted in the fall.

Kansas Wheat says crop adjusters in several southwest Kansas counties are dropping bushels per acre estimations and saying very little wheat from the area will make it to harvest.

The Wheat Quality Council will host the Hard Winter Wheat Tour May 16-19. Participants will scout fields from Manhattan to Colby to Wichita and back to Manhattan.

Anyone interested can follow #wheattour22 on Twitter to see what conditions they see across Kansas, southern Nebraska and northern Oklahoma.