Martha Stewart claps back at Katie Couric jab, but stays mum on status of her love life

Martha Stewart
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What with palling around with Snoop Dogg and sustaining her lifestyle brand, Martha Stewart has done a sterling job of making most forget about that whole insider trading prison stint thing.

But along came Katie Couric with some snarky comments about Stewart in her new memoir, Going There, that has so far lived up to its title.

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In it, Couric takes some jabs at industry names, if with her characteristically friendlier touch. Of Stewart, Couric wrote a detail that has raised some eyebrows: "It took a few years and some prison time for Martha to develop a sense of humor."

As for Stewart’s reaction, as Today reported, Stewart has taken the bygones-be-bygones route, and indeed displayed a sense of humor when she took a query about the comment on a recent episode of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

“You know, Katie’s an old friend and old friends can say anything they damn well please,” she replied, before adding, “And I still wrote to her and said ‘What the hell?’”

When host Andy Cohen tried to push the topic, asking if she did not have a sense of humor before her hoosegow stay, Stewart replied, “I’ve always had a sense of humor and I will continue to have a sense of humor… I think people didn’t know me well enough to know if I had one or not, I guess, but I’ve always had a great sense of humor.”

In any event, Stewart says she and Couric are still pals, and she’s not even a little mad. “Not worth it. Life is too short,” she told Cohen.

Martha’s forgiving mood might also have to do with her recent admission that there’s a new man in her life, though she’s not naming names.

In the same “Watch What Happens” episode, Stewart said that, after posting a saucy poolside selfie early last summer, she suddenly got a lot more messages from eligible bachelors.

Though that particularly thirsty fishing expedition didn’t net any results, Cohen asked if Stewart has roped anyone into her manicured world since.

“No,” she claimed. “I shouldn't say no. I mean yes, but I'm not going to tell you.”

Stewart was married to Andrew Stewart, a publisher, for 29 years before they called it quits in 1987, officially divorcing in 1990. They share a daughter, Alexis, 56.

In 2017, Couric interviewed Stewart about the home expert’s big house stay, from 2004-05.

“It was horrifying, and no one -- no one -- should have to go through that kind of indignity, really, except for murderers, and there are a few other categories,” Stewart said. “But no one should have to go through that. It’s a very, very awful thing.”

Despite some talk show-worthy sections in Going There, Couric wasn’t looking to be a gossip with her new memoir.

As she told Savannah Guthrie in the Today show interview for the book in October, “I don't think the tone and the spirit and the content of the book is like the tabloid headlines I understand are kind of portraying it It is honest, but it's very complimentary about many, many people. I think I'm harshest on myself. It's very self-critical.”

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