Parrish: Berube literally wanted to fight the Jets after Wednesday's win

It went unnoticed by some, but at the end of Wednesday's St. Louis Blues victory their head coach was on the ice yelling in the direction of the Winnipeg Jets players. It was captured and shared on social media...

— Cristiano Simonetta (@CMS_74_) April 11, 2019

One person who noticed it was NHL Network analyst and former teammate of Berube, Mark Parrish who was guest on Chili's Week in Hockey, last night. 

"There's nothing more that gets a player excited than a coach not just talking about how much he cares about the team, but going out there and flat out showing it," Parrish says. "I think he forgot he had his suit on right there and he actually, literally wanted to get into a fight.

"His stare is still one of the most intimidating things and he still keeps himself in pretty good shape."

Parrish played a short time with Berbue for the New York Islanders during the 2000-01 season.

Listen to the full segment with Parrish, along with our other guests Blues broadcaster Joey Viatle and Jets writer with The Athleic, Murat Ates:

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