WATCH: Clump of dirt found in Abraham Lincoln's hometown looks just like the 16th President


(KMOX) - Could it be imaginations running wild or is this a real connection to the 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln? 

A video was shared to Facebook by Lori Eileen Day as she was sweeping the floor of a Springfield, Ill. home. The home used to be the very place where Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd, would have her hair done.

Day says she was sweeping the wood floor – which is original to the home and likely was stepped on many times by Lincoln himself – when she noticed an oddly shaped piece of dirt.

Commenters noticed exactly what she did. It looked like a perfect silhouette of Lincoln. 

"That is carzy!! I can see it!!" said one person. Another claimed it's the ghost of Lincoln and someone else called it "creepy cool!!"

But there was at least on non-believer, who said "Girl.. you trippin. Clean it up!"

In the video, Day says the house is located in the 600 block S. 8th Street in Springfield, just about a block away from the former home of the President and his wife, which is now a National Park.

There have been hoaxes in the past by companies claming to have potato chips and french fries shaped like President Lincoln. But Day says this is no act of lint art, it's a genuine anomaly and the home owner was there to witness it too. 

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