Plans continue for baseball's return; Cardinals wait for MLB’s decision on ticket refunds

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Waiting patiently for the baseball season, but you miss it terribly?

Yeah. Me too.

These are unprecedented times, during this COVID-19 pandemic, and there are more important things in the world than grown men playing a kid’s game.

Ah, but that game brings out the kid in us. The excitement in us. The wonder in us.

Baseball is the game that combines all of the senses of our youth.

We might not have to wait too much longer to least have an idea of what it will look like this year.

“I think I’m going to have a little better picture, hopefully, the beginning part of this week,” Cardinals manager Mike Shildt told me on Sunday.

“It’s kind of been a 1 ½ - 2 week situation of figuring out where we are with the country, with testing,” Shildt said on KMOX’s Sports on a Sunday Morning. “And then how we modify all that… to a big operation that is putting out a major league slate of games -- every night, basically -- into a schedule that makes sense from a safety and baseball standpoint.”

In front of no fans…  a condensed schedule…  locations to be determined? There are many variables at play, of course. But there’s also no rush. Baseball, if it is to restart, wants to do it right. And it is still April.

“Time is on our side right now,” said John Mozeliak, the team’s president of baseball operations.

“Obviously, what we perceived as a normal year, that’s probably highly unlikely,” Mozeliak told me Sunday on KMOX. “But coming up with something that might work… is something that everybody is trying to pull together.”

Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred’s office has been in communication with all 30 clubs “off and on for the last several weeks,” Shildt said.

“Everyone is excited and working their tails off,” Shildt reported, “and are confident that we’re to get some baseball again.”

Mozeliak agreed that the hope and optimism is genuine.

“I think the Commissioner is someone that wants to see baseball this year,” Mozeliak said. “I think you have a lot of government officials that are hopeful sports can get back on people’s calendars.

“If we had some reason for hope, or given a reason for hope, (it’s that) the game of baseball has done that throughout history. Everybody involved that I work with is certainly hoping that we can come up with some strategy or plan that is safe, makes sense… but can entertain.”

Mozeliak also offered a message to those holding tickets for the 2020 season and wondering about a refund policy:

“We are waiting for some guidelines from MLB on that,” Mozeliak said. “We don’t want to be first- movers… and then 29 other teams get upset with us. So we’re trying to understand what’s the best way to do this, handle it in a way that’s fair and equitable, and also (that) the other 29 teams are in agreement.

“That’s somewhat of why there is a little delay in this, but clearly this organization likes to do the right thing. And hopefully we do the right thing.”

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