'Granny Cams' gain traction in Missouri amid coronavirus lockdowns

Elderly woman in nursing home, wrinkled hand with clearly visible veins holding walking quad cane
Photo credit © Nastyabobrovskaya | Dreamstime.com

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (KMOX) - Last week KMOX News told you how coronavirus lockdowns at nursing homes have likely spurred renewed interest in so-called "Granny Cams."

Now we've learned, one measure has crossed another legislative hurdle.

"More and more people have seen just how scary it is not to be able to have any kind of contact at all with a loved one who's living in a nursing home," says Marjorie Moore, Executive Director of VOYCE, an advocacy group for individuals in long-term care.

A House bill allowing cameras in nursing home rooms was approved Wednesday morning by a Senate Committee and is poised to move to the Senate floor.  It's the furthest any legislation like this has advanced in Jefferson City. 

This year's measure features a compromise for long-term care facilities -- it would require approval of both the resident and the home for footage to be released to anyone except law enforcement.

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