'Granny Cams' go online in Missouri next week


ST. LOUIS, MO (KMOX) - Since the pandemic started, many families have been unable to go inside their loved ones' nursing homes

Starting next month, a new Missouri law will allow those families to monitor care virtually -- by camera.

Marjorie Moore, Executive Director of the advocacy group VOYCE, says there are a number of requirements before cameras can be installed.   First, roommates must give consent, "where the roommate can say, they want to make sure it's not pointed at them, they want to maybe limit the access of recording audio in their room, things like that, so it's really important for both roommates to be on the same page with this as well.  So that's going to be one of the biggest hurdles for folks."

Moore says families must also purchase the equipment, provide the internet service and work with long-term care facilities on installation.  The video footage itself will be the property of both the nursing care facility and the family, and under the new law, cannot be released to anyone but law enforcement or investigating agencies with consent of both.

VOYCE is offering families a "crash course" on rules for the cameras.  

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