Health Matters: Whooping cough, cancer, health benefits from Stanley Cup win

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — The most recent edition of Health Matters Presented by SSM Health provides KMOX listeners with an in-depth look at several hot button medical issues. 

One of the topics discussed in this week's show is a closer look at a new study suggesting the whooping cough vaccine isn't as strong as we thought.

SSM Health experts also help us determine what is the best app to help you lose weight. Plus, actress Marcia Cross raises awareness of anal cancer. And we talk with a local family medicine physician about all the health benefits that could result from the St. Louis Blues winning the Stanley Cup.

  1. Dr. JENNIFER WESSELS, SSM Health VP of Medical Affairs and a family medicine physician. Dr. Wessels comments on the positive health impact of winning a major sports title; a Roundup ingredient found in many General Mills products including Cheerios — should we be worried?; A new study finds that cutting trans fat, minimizing sodium intake and lowering blood pressure could be the key to saving millions of young lives; try sleeping with the lights or tv off — it might help you lose weight — what is the science behind this discovery?; A later start time for school kids does make a difference — why?;  This is tick season — what tick-borne diseases are common here and what are some good prevention tips?; And there may something more serious behind what's called white collar hypertension — the common belief that elevated blood pressure at the doctor's office is only due to nerves. 
  2. JESSICA PERKINS is a health educator for SSM Health Weight Management Services. Over 80-percent of dieters are using diet and fitness apps instead of getting help from nutritionists and trainers. How popular are these apps? What should we look for in a good diet app? Any recommendations? Any privacy concerns? Where is all of this headed when it comes to apps that monitor our health?  
  3. Dr. KEN HALLER, a SLU CARE pediatrician at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital. A new study finds the whooping cough vaccine becomes less effective over time. What's going on? Why? Do we need a booster? How dangerous is Pertussis? ALSO ... update on the measles outbreak nationwide and the push for increased vaccination. And what types of cases are being seen most often right now at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital? A lot of upper respiratory viral infections made worse by all the rain and allergies.  What should we do to treat this at home before heading to the ER? 
  4. Dr. HOPE RASQUE, a board certified colorectal surgeon at SSM Health DePaul Hospital. Actress Marcia Cross recently revealed she is battling anal cancer — she believes she got it from her husband who has throat cancer.  How does this type of cancer differ from colorectal cancer? What kind of screening is out there?  What are symptoms?  What is treatment?  What role does HPV have in this?  And can the Gardasil vaccine help prevent it?  PLUS our health tip of the week from co-host Dr. JENNIFER WESSELS, SSM Health VP of Medical Affairs and a family medicine physician. How do you know when to go see the doctor when you have an insect bite? What to look for? How to treat insect bites.

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