How to stay safe on STL area trails during COVID-19 pandemic


St. Louis, MO (KMOX) - Residents across the St. Louis region have been told to stay home.  Some are still venturing out onto area trails.

Great Rivers Greenway has posted signs along trails and parks in St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County to remind people to take extra precautions during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Be mindful on trails during COVID-19 pandemic(Courtesy of Great Rivers Greenway)
The first, if you're not feeling well - don't go.

Second, if you do want to walk greenways, keep a distance of six feet from other people, "keep it as you walk, bike, or hike," explains Great River Greenway's Anne Milford, "so sometimes that may mean if you're out in a park or on a greenway, step off to the side, look for bottlenecks."

Greenway stresses, don't gather with others. "This isn't the time to go meet all of your friends for a group walk. That defeats the whole purpose of social distancing. Smile and wave, say hello from six feet or more and keep walking."