Jelly Belly now offering CBD-infused candies


Since bursting into the candy scene in 1976, Jelly Belly has crafted dozens of unique flavors of jellybeans. Now, inventor of Jelly Belly David Klein has infused his candy with cannabidiol, or CBD, for a new way to get your daily dosage.

CBD, extracted from the cannabis plant, can be used to treat anxiety and pain, however it does not make the user feel a psychoactive high, which comes from another element in cannabis known as THC.

Each bean offers 10mg of CBD. They are available in bulk online in 38 different flavors including sugar-free and sour options.

Klein told Cannabis Aficionado that flavors such as strawberry cheesecake, toasted marshmallow, piña colada and mango will be among many featured.

As of Monday, March 18, Spectrum Confections, which owns Jelly Belly, is currently out of stock due to high demand for the new candies. However, the website states the company will help those who fill out the contact form with their requests.

One must be at least 18 years old to purchase the CBD jellybeans.

Spectrum Confections announced the new product on Instagram Friday. 

I love me some candy with CBD.

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