Missouri, Illinois lawmakers weigh in on Trump's comments that some are calling 'racist'

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-Mo.) is calling today's House resolution condemning President Trump's comments that many are calling racist, "counterproductive," saying it will only foster division, not the unity our nation needs. 

In a statement emailed to KMOX, Wagner says she is disappointed at the lack of civility and respect coming from both sides of the aisle. She says Democrats need to be held accountable for their socialist policies and seemingly outright contempt for the ideals on which America was founded. 

She adds, "We can disagree with one another on policy without resorting to name calling and other comments that make many Americans feel unwelcome in the nation they call home."

Illinois' Senior Senator says he is not surprised by the Republican response to President Trump's tweets suggesting that four minority members of Congress leave the country. Dick Durbin told CNN that the GOP has "surrender(ed) its soul to Donald Trump." 

"To think that this president can make the kind of racist, reprehensible statements he's made without reaction from Republicans is a sad day in the history of this party," Durbin said.

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley has not replied to multiple requests for comment from KMOX. 

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