800-plus appeals filed in Missouri; Claims of medical marijuana licensing process being unfair

TROY, Mo. (KMOX) — More than 800 appeals have been filed by people who were denied state permits to grow, sell or distribute medical marijuana in Missouri. 

Joe Ingrande of Troy, Mo. thought he had a good chance to open a dispensary in Bowling Green.  He says he and another investor spent about $60,000 total, including $6,000 for just the license application fee to the state. The rest of his spending was on consultants' fees and securing a building.  

Ingrande says there was something funny about the test.

"This is not fair. To me, if you look at the test and the questions, there was too much ambiguity there. It was too subjective," Ingrande says. 

Ingrande says some people who filed multiple applications got different scores for the same answer. 

He says he was told priority would be given to pick local people, but he says many of the winners appear to be corporations from out-of-state. 

He's hoping the state will refund the $6,000 license application fee to all of those who weren't chosen.

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