BattleHawks tickets selling for more than Rams averaged in St. Louis

The Dome at the America's Center in St. Louis
Photo credit Elsa/Getty Images

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) -- Checked BattleHawks ticket prices for Sunday?

"It does seem like the demand from St. Louis is high," says SeatGeek's Chris Leyden.

Highest in the league, in fact.

"Right now, the average ticket is reselling for right around a hundred dollars, which is actually above every other teams' home opener and by a wide margin," Leyden says.

Runner-up are the Dallas Renegades, whose average listing is about $75 each.

Leyden wonders if weather plays a role -- the climate-controlled Dome is certainly more comfortable in February than New Jersey's MetLife Stadium.

"There's a lot of fans out there who want to spend their cold Saturdays sitting at home or sitting in a stadium, watching a game, and so far so good from the XFL's perspective," he says.

In fact, he says BattleHawks tickets are more expensive, on average, than Rams tickets were. He says the St. Louis NFL team averaged $65 per ticket vs the $100 for this XFL game.

"It seems like the St. Louis market is exceptionally excited by the XFL," Leyden says. "It shows that this city still has an appetite for football."

Of course, that's not an exact comparison since the Rams sold every seat in the Dome, including cheaper nose-bleeds. The BattleHawks won't be opening the upper decks.

Leyden is curious to see how the XFL sustains fan interest, especially if there's a year two.