Biebs vs Binner showdown update: Binnington says 'anything can happen'


"It's really escalated a lot. It's cool, I think it's for a great cause, bringing in charity I think was a great move by him," Binnington says. "I heard through the grapevine that he's working on his skills so I'll have to do the same.

"It's tough because anything could happen, you know, I could fan on a shot or something or maybe he's been working hard and he pulls through."

The Blues say, "it's likely the breakaway challenge will happen sometime during the offseason."

Binnington did mention that "no new details" are ready to be announced yet, but he says he and Biebs have been in contact and they're looking forward to "providing some content" for all of us. 

And the perfect opportunity could be when Bieber is in St. Louis on July 13 to perform at Enterprise Center during his 2020 Tour. 

Last week, Bieber accepted a challenge set by the Stanley Cup Champion goalie to give the pop star 10 chances to score on his in a breakaway. Binnington says if Bieber scored just once, he'll dye his hair "platinum blonde."

Then Bieber replied, but added a charitable incentive.

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