Creve Coeur resident with 3 'emotional support' monkeys set to argue before city council

CREVE COEUR, Mo. (KMOX) updated - All the monkey business in Creve Coeur could be over before the end of October. The resident arguing she should be allowed to keep her three emotional support monkeys will get her chance for an accommodation under the federal Fair Housing Act that will allow her to keep the animals that some neighbors think are dangerous and could be carrying disease. 

Texanne McBride-Teahan, who lives on Mosley Lane, made a formal request through her attorney and her argument will be heard at an upcoming city council meeting, possibly as soon as Oct. 28. Creve Coeur Police issued a citation to McBride-Teahan, saying the monkeys are in violation of a city ordinance. She has a court hearing scheduled for Nov. 6, about the citation. 

KMOX's previous reporting:

Some neighbors in Creve Coeur are worried about the lady down the street with three monkeys in her home. Carolyn Schurman lives on Mosley Lane, next door to the property, and she's worried about the possibility the monkeys might bite one of her four children.

"I can't say that I smell anything, I can't say that I hear anything," Schurman tells KMOX. "What I can say is I see monkeys that are untethered and playing on cars and playing in the driveway and I have four children and that is unacceptable."

She's also worried about if monkeys are properly vaccinated.

The owner of the monkeys is Texanne McBride-Teahan. She told the Creve Coeur City Council this week that she needs the monkeys for emotional support. 

She declined to speak with a KMOX reporter until she can talk with her attorney. 

Schurman isn't the only one with worries, another neighbor Jim Hentschell says the monkeys might bite somebody or somebody's pet, and he believes there's a good chance one of the species of monkeys on the property is prone to carry Hepatitis B. 

KMOX asked Hentschell if he believes they are truly emotional support animals. He replied, "Yeah right, I was going to get my wife an emotional support python." 

Another neighbor, Greg Grettle, said he "has had no problems" with the monkeys and tries to be "tolerant" of his neighbors.

Creve Coeur Police have issued a citation to the owner, saying the monkeys are in violation of a city ordinance.

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