Former St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom rallies for gun restrictions for domestic abusers

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX) — New organizations pushing for legislation to restrict firearms in the hands of those charged with domestic violence invited former St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom to speak at their rally.   He told the crowd gathered at the Mom's Demand Action rally that those situations involving firearms are a major issue for cops.

"Domestic violence has touched many people," Isom told KMOX afterwards. "It's touched me personally, it's touched me professionally, and it touches each and every officer that responds to calls each and every day." Isom spoke exclusively with KMOX, where he shared that his grandmother was a victim of an incident involving domestic abuse. He called domestic violence offenders with guns the biggest issue facing police.   "The major call that officers go to are family disturbances," Isom pointed out. "And, as you might imagine when you have intimate relationships those can be highly volatile situations. For officers, it is important that they are not subject to more danger as well with a person who is convicted of domestic abuse being able to have a gun." So far restricting firearm access has gotten little support from the Republican-controlled state legislature.  Instead, Republicans have filed bills to toughen penalties for illegal use of firearms, not on restricting 2nd amendment rights.   © 2020 KMOX (Entercom). All rights reserved.