Cubs fans can't handle Dexter Fowler saying the 'best pizza on earth' is in St. Louis


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Did you think the rivalry between the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs couldn't get any more heated? Well, Dexter Fowler just turned up the thermostat. 

A tweet by the current Cardinals and former Cubs outfielder is going viral among baseball fans and foodies from both cities. He said on Wednesday that St. Louis has "the best pizza on earth." Which has to be a shot at the beloved deep-dish style pizza in Chicago, right? 

It's not sitting well with some. Here are a few of the best reactions:

— Corey Freedman (@CFCubsRelated) July 1, 2020

First symptom of Covid is not being able to taste. Please get tested.

— Scott Stevens (@TheManInCannes) July 1, 2020

Unreal. The St Louis fans finally got to him

— Shane B (@straitvibin) July 1, 2020

But here in St. Louis, a lot of folks are proud of him backing thin-crust pizza: 

That, folks, is how you make an entrance :) #stlcards --

— Tom Ackerman (@Ackerman1120) July 1, 2020

This is the sorta energy we need ⬇️I’ll absolutely stand on the St. Louis pizza can’t be beat hill.

— Patrick Osborne (@PatrickONealUSC) July 1, 2020

He gets it #IMOS

— Ahmad Hicks (@AhmadHicksTV) July 1, 2020

I hope all Chicago fans see this tweet

— STLSportsCentral (@stlsportscntrl) July 1, 2020

But you know what, maybe he's just joking around, as this Twitter user pointed out: 

Literally the perfect moment for this gif

— Shawn Foss (@Shawn_Foss) July 1, 2020

Let's see if this gets as crazy as when Kris Bryant called St. Louis, "boring." 

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