LISTEN: College football fan's 'need Busch Light' sign raised more than $86K for charity

(KMOX) - For a joke, Carson King showed up to a taping of College Gameday at Iowa State University with a sign begging for beer money. But he didn't realize just how seriously some would take him.

"Busch Light supply needs replenished," read the message that also included his Venmo information and was seen by ESPN viewers across the nation. Within 30 minutes he had a few hundred dollars in his account. Next thing he knew, the Iowa State fan had $1,000 in his account – now it has reached seven figures.

Not actually needing the cash, King decided to give it all to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. He was a guest on KMOX Thursday and explained further how his storied has continued. 

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.@CarsonKing2 this is the best thing we have read all year, we’re inspired.We’re going to match your donation to University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, and we’ll throw in some of that Busch Light you were looking for.

— Busch Beer (@BuschBeer) September 17, 2019

Calling it "the best thing we have read all year," Busch Beer joined in on the fundraising campaign, offering to match the donations, which he told us has reached $86,000 as of Thursday morning. 

With a total donation of more than $170,000, looks like this hospital is going to have to name a new wing after King – and Busch Beer. 

With all the donations my @CollegeGameDay sign for @BuschBeer has received, I will be donating all but enough for a case of Busch Light to @uiowa Children’s Hospital. We’re at over $1,600.00 right now! @CycloneATH @WideRtNattyLt @ChrisMWilliams Venmo Carson-King-25

— Carson King (@CarsonKing2) September 14, 2019

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