Francis Howell school district sues vaping company Juul

ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KMOX) — With more than 200 cases of kids caught using nicotine, the Francis Howell School District is joining a nationwide lawsuit accusing the vaping manufacturer JUUL of marketing to minors.

An attorney representing the district, Cindy Ormsby of Clayton, says three years ago Francis Howell had only three nicotine violations, but now the problem is so pervasive, they're having to add staff to patrol the hallways, and considering buying a nicotine cessation program.

"We need to protect our kids and we need to make sure the districts are in the business of educating our kids, and not in the business of getting kids unaddicted to nicotine. That's not what schools are made for, but they're having to deal with the issue now that it's here." Ormbsy says JUUL has marketed to minors mostly over social media.  

Francis Howell is joining a suit filed by districts in New York, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma. 

In response, JUUL issued a statement.

"Our product has always only been intended to be a viable alternative for the one billion current adult smokers in the world. We have never marketed to youth, and do not want any non-nicotine users to try our products." 

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