PHOTOS: Missouri governor criticized for not wearing face mask at event


COLUMBIA, Mo. (KMOX) — Gov. Mike Parson taking criticism on social media for pictures of him without a mask or social distancing at the 17th Annual Missouri Cattlemen's Association Steak Fry.

The Missouri Democratic Party condemned Parson for not wearing a mask or social distancing at the event. Here is their statement:

“Governor Mike Parson's refusal to wear a mask or social distance at campaign events is reckless, dangerous, and puts Missourians at risk. The governor's failure to follow his own advice and wear a mask isn't just hypocritical — it's an abdication of leadership. When it comes to dealing with a deadly pandemic, ‘do as I say, not as I do’ just isn’t good enough. By failing to mask up, Governor Parson is undermining Missouris' economic recovery and ensuring that coronavirus will keep spreading in Missouri. Even Donald Trump wears a mask — but Mike Parson just can’t be bothered.”

A spokesperson for the governor Parson responded to KMOX:

“Governor Parson always makes a conscious effort to social distance or wear a mask, and he recommends all Missourians to do the same.”
Parson's tweets got hundreds of responses, many from people angry that he put himself and others at risk.

How do you sleep at night knowing you put your friends in harm's way?

— Kevin Ellis (@Multizord) July 12, 2020

Please model responsible citizenship and leadership by wearing a mask, especially when social distancing isn't an option.

— Tina Ellsworth, PhD (@DrTinaEllsworth) July 12, 2020

With no masks. In a pandemic. In a state that's setting records day after day in positive tests.

— Lindsay Noneya (@LindsayBrookeH) July 12, 2020

View the photos for yourself:

Teresa and I enjoyed a great evening with friends at the 17th annual @MoCattle’s Association Steak Fry.

— Governor Mike Parson (@GovParsonMO) July 12, 2020

There is nothing like being in a room full of cattlemen and women.These folks know what it means to work hard each and every day to put food on our tables.It’s an honor to be endorsed by