WATCH: Parkway teacher shares special message to students amid coronavirus closures


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Life for students and teachers in St. Louis County has drastically changed in the last week, but one teacher is sharing a message to let her first-grade students know it's "going to be okay."

Mandy Williams posted a video on Facebook with a special message for her students at Barretts Elementary in the Parkway School District. But she said talking would have made her cry, so she wrote out her message instead. 

"I felt like since everything feels so off for me, I can't imagine how my students were feeling," Williams told KMOX. "I wanted them to know it was going to be okay and that I was proud of them and missed them already. I wanted them to look around at the amazing things the school, the district, their parents, and members of the community were doing to help each other. My hope was if they saw the good, it would help them feel better."

Parkway is among the many schools in the area that has closed its buildings until at least April 3 due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can see a full list of closures, here.

Students and staff at Parkway are officially back from spring break on Monday and the district will begin eLearning on Wednesday. Teachers are taking Monday and Tuesday to develop and prepare eLearning curriculum during the closure.  

The district says the situation will be reassessed if the current closure extends beyond April 3.

You can see Williams' video posted on her Facebook page, here.

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