POLICE: New Venmo scam targets users through text message

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(KMOX) - There's a text message scam that's trying to trick Venmo users according to a Facebook post from the Massachusetts-based Dighton Police Department.

ALERT: If you use the Venmo app, be aware there is a scam going around. pic.twitter.com/IXVgOrlO7F

— Only In Boston (@OnlyInBOS) September 17, 2019

Venmo users have reported receiving a text message informing them that their Venmo account is going to be charged unless they cancel the withdrawal by logging into the link provided, and decline the transaction.

Police say the message uses the same color and font as the Venmo app.

"The message allows you to log on with any phone number and password.(the password I used was wrong, but it had me continue on) It then asks you to verify who you are by entering the bank card number and other personal/financial info" read the Massachusetts-based Police Department's Facebook post.

If you are concerned that your Venmo account or bank account has been tampered with, contact your local police immediately.

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