Local schools prepare to announce reopening plans

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)- Next Monday, many of the 59 school districts and charter schools that are members of Education Plus will be announcing their reopening plans for the fall semester.

"I think everybody will release what their best intention is for a plan," says CEO Paul Ziegler,"and I think every district will look a little different."

Ziegler believes many districts will use what he calls an A/B Hybrid schedule. "Where a portion of their students are there on, I'll call it an A day, a portion of their students are there on B days and they'll have two days of in person class a week and then one day where the entire district will be on a virtual day," he says. "Essentially a student would be engaged in education every day, but only two of those days would be in person, in school." 

He says, however that districts that have the space to social distance, will offer in-person instruction every day while some will start with only virtual instruction.

One thing Ziegler thinks every district will emphasize, is that the plans announced Monday, will be subject to change. "The one fluid piece that's difficult for all our districts to deal with," he says, "is that we're going to announce our plans based on our planning going into this. But again, as the landscape changes people are going need to understand that this is very fluid and this is a landscape that can change three or four times between now and August 24 when the majority of schools will go back.

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